Be Kind. Be Fit. Be You.

Natick Youth Fit

Be Kind. Be Fit. Be You.

Natick Youth Fit

Most Gyms Aren’t

It’s hard for families to find a place to work out together. Most private gyms don’t allow children to join and few offer fun classes that kids and parents actually enjoy.

We Wanted to Start
a Gym for Everyone

Kate and Kristin thought children and families should have their own gym, just for them. That’s why they started Natick Youth Fit. It’s a safe place for kids and families to get in shape and be themselves.

Our Workouts Are
Fun, Not Competitive

Team sports are great. But some kids don’t really enjoy organized sports—and that’s ok, too! Kate and Kristin understand how to make exercise fun and just challenging enough, so you get in shape and make new friends.

Little Ones Need
Exercise, Too!

Did you know that toddlers need exercise? Kate and Kristin do. They created special exercise classes specifically for two-year-olds, three-year-olds and new moms and dads. What fun!

We Make Exercise
Fun for Kids & Families

So that’s how Kate and Kristin started Natick Youth Fit. What a great story, right? They have helped hundreds of families get in shape. Maybe they could help your family, too?